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Fashion illustration

Annie Sjöwall has studied fashion design at i.a. Beckmans School of Design and enjoys bringing texture, linework, fluid brushstrokes and collage to her fashion illustrations.  

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Fashion illustration gif
Clients include: 
Damernas Värld, OTW Communication, Life, Daisy Beauty, Idus Förlag, Caroline Svedbom


Annie Sjöwall´s work range from fashion, lifestyle, travel, concept, prints & patterns, interior, food, nature and accessories. Her style origins from classic fashion illustration but with a feminine edge and a focus on exaggerated shapes, bold colours and lines. 

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"I have an interest in health and lifestyle and love to use ink and watercolour to create colorful food or flower illustrations." 


"I like to illustrate detailed jewelry in watercolor or simple linework and sometimes make animated gifs to add a little bit of playfulness. I also enjoy creating handwritten typography and calligraphy." 

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Modeteckning 18.png

Linework and pastel crayons to create textured fashion linework sketches.

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Annie Sjöwall has experience in creating pattern reports and her technique is both experimenting with collage to create bold contrasts or line drawings for a sense of hand drawn to it. 

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Hilma Skisser lineup collage.png


"I enjoy mixing collage with line drawings to create unexpected shapes and contrasts." 

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